Froggy (infrogmation) wrote in nola_mardigras,

A Glimpse at Mardi Gras 120 years ago

"Before the day had advanced drunken masqueraders were numerous and made themselves repugnant to people who lined the banquettes to view the parade of Rex. [...] there was a degree of immodesty exhibited by nearly all the female masqueraders seen on the streets. It seemed that nearly every woman in town who has a nice shape or uniformly nice limbs was out displaying her attractive qualities, and in many cases their conduct was disgraceful. The particular case which suggested this article and the cartoon [...was] at the corner of Canal and Bourbon streets [...] the crowd of women [...] came rushing up to the above corner regardless of the pleasure or convenience of others and pushing right and left made a general disturbance. When remonstrated by the police they only became furious and elevated their voices to such a tone that they were placed under arrest. At this juncture the scene became disgusting. The women rolled around on the banquette with clothes uplifted and scratching and biting the officers. Finally the beligerant females were overpowered and waltzed to jail." -- "The Mascot" newspaper, 9 March, 1888
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